Soronko Solutions is a software development powerhouse and a social enterprise. Our mission is to use technology to drive human potential. Soronko Solutions was started in 2012 with a laptop and a great idea. Our Founder started by developing innovative technology solutions across different channels such as Web, Mobile, POS and ATM to help Small and medium Scale Enterprises in Ghana create visibility and grow their business with technology. Profits from the software development was used to setup and run Soronko Foundation. The foundations first project was Growing STEMS.

With mobile phones, laptops, raspberry pi's and tablets the Growing STEM project was equipping rural Ghana children with STEM and critical thinking skills to solve the problems they live with every day and fight poverty.

In 2013 we started a movement called Tech Needs Girls where we mentor women & girls to lead and innovate by learning to code. We currently have 200 volunteers &mentors who are either computer scientists or engineers and 4500 mentees in 8 regions in ghana. We have expanded to Burkina Faso with Tuares to start GirlTech. Our curriculum has been translated into French and we are excited to bring coding to girls in French speaking Africa.

Below is a timeline of our Founders Journey and Impact