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WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT! We setup an academy to equip young people with technology skills and teach women and girls to create technology. It is a safe space where innovation meets creativity,problem solving and critical thinking skills are acquired. At Soronko Academy we are training the next generation of African inventors who will use technology to solve Africa's problem. We teach children from 6-18 to code and problem solve with our innovative coding and human centered design curriculum. We also work with young adults and connect them with internship and job opportunities in the technology space and other major industries.We help them set up their own technology companies.

We want to offer 100 underprivileged girls scholarships to study at the academy. We believe the next Mark Zuckerberg can be a 12 year old Ghanaian Girl. We need your help to do this. Your generous donation will help us train these 100 girls and task them to develop technology solutions with local relevance but global appeal. We ask you to join the movement and give young girls the skills to thrive and be successful in today’s world.


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Donate using MTN mobile money. You can send the money to ported MTN Number 0266076862



You can also contact us on +233574 541 522 or email us on to talk about how you can support









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